About Written

BrianFirstly, Written is about keeping it simple.

You want words – we write them, or you write words – we edit them. Advice and strategies are supplied where needed and when wanted by you.

I am also here to inspire your writers.

I am Kerry McCarthy and Written is a copywriting service to be used by anyone who has a website.

I care about craftsmanship, which means high quality content, and believe that every company, business, organisation and individual should be doing it right.


NCTJ Qualified
Writing professionally since 1999
Editing since 2004
Writing for an online audience since 2008
Providing copywriter training since 2010
Creating content strategies for clients since 2011

With me I have a select group of writers and proof readers who have been chosen by me to write and edit the way you need for your website, brochure, magazine or book.

Information about GDPR Compliance can be found in the Privacy Policy on 43kcreative.com. Thanks!