Copywriting for Holistic, Heart-Centred, and Wellbeing Businesses

I’ve experienced, enjoyed, and indulged in many holistic and heart centred therapies, and studied a few too… 

By Ataner007 CC0

By Ataner007 CC0

…yoga, NLP, massage, Reiki, aromatherapy, CBT, breathwork, kinesiology, Tai Chi, homeopathy, healing, tarot, DTO, runes, reflexology, Feng Shui, shiatsu, animal communication, crystal healing, acupuncture, past life healing… all are familiar and I welcome anyone who needs help with marketing their gift to the world to get in touch!

What you get

A FREE initial consultation to produce a marketing brief that ensures I have a thorough understanding of you, your business and what I can do to help. Then…


  • Web pages, Blogs, Magazine articles, Brochures, Leaflets


  • Editing your writing for blogs, website, social media, articles etc..

Content Strategies

  • A whole host of topics for you to write about that tie in with your other marketing goals, plus an inspirational document that shows you how you can do it better that anyone else.


  • Discover how to write for an online audience.
  • Find out how to write compliant copy that pleases search engines, and people :)


  • Not sure where to start or what to do to get your business noticed online? I can offer a consultation that will help you understand your options and what might work best for you – then give you some contact details of people I know and trust that can help including web designers, graphic designers, developers, social media specialists, SEO experts, PPC whizzes, videographers, photographers and maybe some unicorns too.

Research, Write, Edit - Written 




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