How To Write Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Learn how to write Meta tags and watch an awesome puppet give a 1 minute tutorial on calls to action!

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What is Meta?
Meta titles and descriptions are your first opportunity to sell your product or service to your target audience.

This information does not appear on your web page, it is in the source code. Search engines crawl this information and display it in search results. If you do not write your own meta titles and descriptions, Search engines will take a best guess at what the page is about and use that instead. To be found for something specific, it is therefore best to create your own meta.

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What is the point of writing Meta?
Meta is used to distinguish the purpose of one page from the next – it tells search engines what that page is about. Each page should have its own purpose, therefore each Meta Title and Meta Description should be unique.

Meta Titles – Best Practice Guidelines

  • Unique keyword focussed title
  • No more than 63 characters, including spaces
  • Capitalise the first letter of each word
  • Do not use full stops
  • Include the brand name or supporting keyword where possible

Meta Descriptions – Best Practice Guidelines

  • Unique description – do not rely on cutting and pasting keywords!
  • No more than 164 characters, including spaces
  • Put the most important information first
  • Include keyword variants
  • Include call to action, brand name and usp where possible

Example structure
Meta Title:

Meta Description:
*Product or service*information*USPs*call to action*Branding/buzzwords*

Which would look like this…
feather boa WRITTEN meta example Screen shot

Top Tip: To make sure that your Meta is better than your competitors, Google your keyword. See what other people are offering. If they are offering something brilliant, make sure you do too. This could be free delivery, fast delivery, competitive prices, a large range of products etc.

And this is what you have been waiting for…
This great video is not only fun, but also contains excellent information on calls to action in Meta descriptions from


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