Tips for Writing Category Page Content

Tip 1: Crack open a bottle of vino! Ha ha! While relaxing with your favourite tipple may help your creativity, adding any of these 5 simple content sections to your category page will help bring in more enquiries or orders!

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Category pages are a chance to showcase all the wonderful things you offer in that category… but what do people really want to know? That depends on what you have to offer! Here is a list of things you might mention on a category page.

Services overview – a brief explanation of each service offered, with a link through to the dedicated page. This helps visitors decide what they want without having to go looking for it.

Brands in stock – if you are an ecommerce site, you might want to show your range off. Include why it is better to buy off you rather than a competitor (USPs… cheaper? Faster shipping? Free delivery?)

Types of product – in addition to, or if brands isn’t your thing, instead of brand category, have product category. This will be clear navigation through to a dedicated page. Once again, summarise each category by mentioning the type of products that can be found.

Projects overview – maybe your website is showcasing your talents, a kind of portfolio, or a charity looking to boost its reach. A projects category page can introduce a visitor to each project, once again using a summary to say exactly what it was, what it did/does, who was involved and why the visitor should care!

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