Tips for Writing Homepage Content

Find out how to make your homepage stand out with unique compliant copy!

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What is a homepage? A homepage is the shop front, it is the big welcome, it is the doorway into your world online. To make sure that people come in and browse, enquire and buy, you need to make your homepage welcoming, and view your content as the conversation you’d have with a new opportunity or an existing client.

Say what you do – sounds obvious, but some people don’t!

Say who you do it for – identify the target audience, help them recognise themselves in your writing.

Address consumer anxieties – Trusted? Reliable? Approved? Whatever it is, mention it.

Include all your USPs – remember, U is for UNIQUE! This does not include vague statements like ‘excellent customer service. It should be Cheapest, Fastest, Best, Only…

Tell the customer/client/visitor what they will GET if they choose you – don’t “we” all over your website.

 Top Tip 1: Avoid “we”-ing all over your website. Sad as it may sound, there aren’t that many visitors to websites that care about the company behind the product or service. They care about what they will get from that company. So rather than say “We have great offers”, try “Get a great deal”. It may not sound like much, but it can make all the difference when it comes to a conversion.

Top Tip 2: Use the word YOU, the copy on your website should be about your customer, using “you”  will help your visitor feel connected.

Remember the call to action – tell the customer what to do next.

Add links to your most profitable and popular pages – guidance will boost conversions.

Don’t forget contact info – include a phone number, email address and link to a contact form.


If you’d like one-to-one help with creating content for your website, please get in touch. I also offer group sessions for as little as £50 per person, depending on number of attendees and location. Ideal for small businesses.


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