What is Content?

What is content?

Content on your website is anything from words to pictures, videos to animations, infographics to whitepapers, cartoons to downloadable copies of your innermost thoughts. Generally speaking, content is anything you put on your website for people to look at.

What I specialise in is written content – and this folks is the most important content of all for businesses that want to be taken seriously online.


Well, search engines such as Google don’t understand pictures and videos, they only understand words – and without them, search engines will have a difficult time determining what your website (and what your offering) is all about.

Urggghhh! Content is Google Fodder!

Nope, the clever bit is that writing for Google no longer needs to be a keyword hell of low quality writing. The key is to write for users first, just make sure that what you are writing is relevant, on topic and actually uses some of the words that your users might type into a search engine to find you!



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