Why You Need Written Content on Your Website

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Why Do I Need Content On My Website?

Q: Can I just have images as my content?
A: Search engines cannot read images, so we have to use words to tell them what a website is about. The words we use should explain what that page is for, so that if someone searches for this type of product/service/information, the search engine will know to put it into the results.

Without written content, search engines have difficulty determining what the website is about and therefore they won’t know to put it in search results when someone is looking for something. That means less visibility and fewer visitors.

Q: Won’t the alt tags for the images be enough?
A: No, search engines prefer pages that have proper, good quality content. Search engines prefer content that has been written with the user in mind.

Q: What are Keywords?
A: Keywords are the types of words that people type into a search engine to find the product or service they require.

Q: Why do I need keywords?
A: By using the most relevant keywords on a page, a search engine can better match the enquiry made by a potential visitor/client/customer to the relevant offering on a webpage. Without using the right words, search engines won’t know to match that website with a specific enquiry and will serve up another website instead that does use the right words.

Why do they have to go in a certain place?
To ‘tell’ search engines explicitly what a page on your website is about we have to insert the relevant keyword in:

  • The Meta title
  • The Meta description
  • The H1 (the headings)
  • The body of the content  (the words on the actual page)

The Meta title and description appear in search engine results and are added in the Content Management System (CMS) of your website. They do not appear in the content on your webpage.party shoes meta example

When all of these match up – search engines can understand what your website is about and will show your website in listings when people look for this term. In this example, my search for Party Shoes has returned results of websites selling party shoes – just what I was looking for!




Coming up next… How to write great Meta titles and descriptions!

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