Content Strategies and Copywriting Services

Nobody knows your business better than you do, and nobody can write great content for the web like we do.

So let’s get together and write a Fandango.

What you get…

A FREE initial consultation to produce a marketing brief that ensures we have a thorough understanding of your business and what kind of writing you want from us.

(that also means you only have to explain your business once, not over and over again to new writers)

After that you pay per page or blog and we can source images for you too if you need.


Research, Write, Edit - WrittenWriting

  • Home page
  • Top Level pages
  • Category pages
  • Product pages
  • Blogs
  • Meta bundles

See below to compare Written with other pay-as-you-go copywriting services.


  • Editing your writing Effective & Efficient Project Manager
  • Free 2nd edits of our writing

Copywriter Training (max 5 delegates)

  • Half day at your office £500
  • Individual writer training £150

Content Strategies

  • Consultation with you and your team at your office – £800 full day
  • Keyword research – ask for a quote


How Written Compares With Other Copywriting Services

If you are looking to save money, you could order content through a large  pay-as-you-go content provider such as Copify, Great Content or Text Broker who charge between 3 and 5 pence per word. So, what might cost around £25 from Written will cost you around £15 from them – but what you won’t get is the research, knowledge and understanding that we have of what you want, and therefore, the writing you receive is unlikely to hit the mark!

Also, with a provider like those mentioned above you will need to provide and submit a new brief each time you want copywriter services, which takes time! With Written, we already know what you want from the initial consultation, so no need to keep explaining your business or writing a brief for yet another person to understand. Well worth the extra money I am sure you will agree!

What makes Written different?

My close connection with the client and with the writers. Quite simply, the writers for Written care because I do.

A bit about SEO

We do not do search engine optimisation, but we are SEO aware. This means that we can write the words you need to help you rank better in a way that only search engines will know we have written it. In other words, we write normal words in a clever way so your visitors will never know it is optimised. Neat huh.sign great at seo

If you are with an SEO agency …

Get your target keywords for your landing pages and pass everything over to us. We will write content that includes the target keywords you need to help you rank better in organic search.

If you are NOT with an SEO agency…

We can do keyword research for you and produce compliant copy. Whilst this is good and will probably help your visibility in search, it is no substitute for a proper SEO strategy which includes a heap of other clever, technical and constantly changing stuff that will help your site rank better.